Training and Coaching

The Redlands Group offers a variety of  Training Courses, Facilitated Workshops, Coaching, and Hazard Communication Programs. All programs are designed according to your organization’s unique requirements.

Training and Coaching we offer includes:

Training Courses (in person or virtual)

2 hours to full day in duration, training courses focus on delivering the knowledge and skills that students need to be successful in their role. We identify your training needs and customize course content to deliver information that achieves the technical objectives of the training in the specific context of your organization.

We integrate your organization’s policy, program or process material into the learning experience so that the outcome is directly applicable to your operational activities.

Courses include:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee/ JHSC Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety Representative Training
  • Health and Safety Leadership Development Program for Supervisors
  • Managing Workplace Violence and Harassment
  • Employee Workplace Violence and Harassment Training
  • WHMIS 2015
  • Canada Labour Code Part II: Developing a Proactive Hazard Prevention Program
  • Canada Labour Code Part II: Conducting Investigations
  • Canada Labour Code Part II: Duties and Responsibilities
  • Canada Labour Code Part II: Health and Safety Committee Responsibilities

All programs are customized to suit your unique needs.

Contact us to discuss how our Training Courses will deliver value for your organization.

Facilitated Workshops

½ day to 2-days in duration, our workshops employ a combination of in-class or virtual content with group discussions, exercises and interactive activities, to actively engage participants in the learning experience.

Facilitated Workshops include:

  • A Risk-based Approach to OHS
  • Developing a Proactive Hazard Prevention Program
  • Conducting Effective Investigations
  • Investigation Planning and Management
  • ISO 45001 OHSMS Standard Fundamentals
  • Management Systems Supporting Success
  • Conducting Successful Health and Safety Audits
  • Preventing and Managing Workplace Violence
  • Utilizing Team Norms, A Communication Strategy (Leadership for High Performance Series)
  • Safety Leadership Development for Supervisors
  • Safety Skills Development for Teams

Contact us to discuss how Facilitated Workshops will deliver value for your organization.

Coaching Programs

Our Coaching Program is designed for individuals in safety and risk-management roles, to assist in developing strategy, clarifying goals, focusing on outcomes, and addressing challenges. We are there to listen, ask questions, explore options, and challenge individuals to think from a new perspective.

Developed in close collaboration with your organization’s management team, in-person or virtual programs are tailored for each individual and all programs are grounded in the following commitments:

  • We focus on honest questions and candid conversation
  • We keep conversations private and confidential

Contact us to discuss how a Coaching Program can benefit your team members.

Hazard Communication Program

The Hazard Communication program is focused on creating awareness and generating actions related to common hazards in your workplace.  Strategically employing a variety of engagement methods, the program enables organizations to consistently communicate a priority of hazards and expected actions.

Through the development of a Hazard Communication Plan, targeted messaging is designed to reach your employees in the most effective way.  We integrate your organization’s OHS program material into the content so that the messaging is directly applicable to your operations and activities.

Our Hazard Communication packages provide structured content in the form that best suits your needs, with paper, digital, and/or audiovisual tools, branded to your organization’s standards, for delivery through:

  • Team Meeting communications
  • Safety Meeting packages with recommended actions
  • E-Blast messages

Topics are designed for delivery on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Contact us to discuss how The Hazard Awareness Communications Program can assist your organization.