Management Solutions

The Redlands Group can support your organization by acting on your behalf for non-routine or complex health, safety and risk management challenges. While working on your behalf, we will collaborate closely with and report regularly to your management team, providing regular updates and timely recommendations for action. We will also ensure that our activities are diligently documented in a manner compatible with your organization’s reporting requirements.

We are available to support your management team for remote or site-based work.

Management Solutions we offer include:

Hazard and Risk

We will complete an inventory of your operation’s primary hazards and “at-risk” activities according to industry leading practices.

We will also complete a risk assessment of specific activities or special projects, focused on a specific site or department.

Occupational Health and Safety Committee Support

We will facilitate committee meetings or coach committee members in the effective performance of committee duties including completing documentation compliant to the jurisdiction(s) in which you operate.

ISO, COR Review

We will work with your team to prepare all documentation required for certification or maintenance for recognized management systems.

Health and Safety Investigation

We will provide objective, specialized support to your management team following a serious incident or near-miss situation.  This can range from supporting your investigation team to conducting all phases of the investigation and participating in third-party interactions with government or any required expert resources.

Privileged Investigation

During certain events, our client chooses The Redlands Group to conduct investigations under Legal Privilege.  Our processes allow us to work with our client’s legal counsel and conduct an investigation that is protected by Legal Privilege.

Workplace Violence and Harassment Investigation

We will provide objective and specialized support to fulfill your compliance and due diligence requirements in the event of a workplace violence or harassment incident or complaint.

Workplace Inspection Program

We will provide “eyes on the ground” snapshots of ongoing operations, change management or construction activities, to ensure that your company is meeting its regulatory compliance and due diligence obligations. We will ensure that any deficiencies identified are communicated to the appropriate Management and Health and Safety representatives and document the process for your due diligence records.

Disability/Return-to-Work Program Support

We will design a program to assist you in utilizing the appropriate processes, tools and techniques to successfully manage workplace injuries and/or illnesses.

Additionally, our team has the skills to help you minimize the impact of injuries for both the employee and the organization through a proactive approach to Return-to-Work. 

Facility Health & Safety Support Program

Our Facility Health & Safety Support Program will provide coaching and support to Plant Managers and facility Health and Safety representatives, to proactively identify safety system gaps before they become incidents and injuries.

We conduct inspections, audits, and safety training, and deliver reports detailing the activities undertaken on the organization’s behalf.  This includes insight into the progress made and opportunities to improve safety program performance in a facility or across different facilities or jurisdictions. 

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