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Consulting Services

Our multi-disciplinary team can provide a variety of services to address the challenges of managing Safety, Health and Risk in your facilities. We work closely with your management team to ensure that our work is scaled to your organization’s needs and results in a self-sustaining solution. Our consulting activities result in the delivery of functional recommendations, as well as strategies and options for the implementation of those recommendations.

Consulting Services we offer include:

Program Development

We work with your organization to create an OHS program or program element designed specifically to the size of your company and the nature of your activities, or to adapt an existing program to a new company activity or different jurisdictional requirements.

Program Review, Audits and Gap Analysis

We will compare your company’s existing OHS program elements against:
  1. Regulatory compliance requirements, including for different operational jurisdictions
  2. Client OHS requirements
  3. Recognized Management system standards (ISO 45001, CSA Z1000, ANSI Z10)
  4. Program Limited Scope Gap Analysis

Benchmarking and Trend Analysis

We compile and analyze your company’s incident and injury data, inspection non-conformities or recurring OHS issues, compared against trends in you industry, identifying opportunities for implementing prevention and cost-saving strategies.

Strategic Planning Support

Our senior leadership team has the experience in facilitating strategic discussions, identifying organizational needs and translating those needs into action based plans. Health and Safety Strategic plans are as unique as every organization and help focus and deliver on the needs of the organization.

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