We specialize in providing customized Management solutions, delivering value to your organization. Our team has the experience necessary to provide the key Management expertise for your organization and transform challenges into opportunities.

Recruitment Solutions

Our search and recruitment expertise ranges from the Executive Leadership level through to Specialist and Generalist field staff for your large and small organization or project. Our team of Recruitment, HR and OHS Professionals are knowledgeable in all aspects of the search and placement processes. We will establish a close working relationship with you to determine your specific requirements, and then develop your search to meet those needs and the present to you only the top qualified candidates.



Health and Safety Strategic Planning

Many times health and safety priorities are determined through dealing with day-to-day issues. While every department within an organization needs to be flexible to react on ongoing needs, maintaining a Strategic Plan will allow Health and Safety to deliver to the needs of the organization. Our senior leadership team has the experience in facilitating strategic discussions, identifying organizational needs and translating those needs into action based S.M.A.R.T goals. Health and Safety Strategic plans are as unique and help focus and deliver to the needs of the organization.


Return to Work Program

When an employee is injured on the job, organizations have a responsibility to assist in the recovery process. Organizations large and small struggle with the timelines for communication, appropriate forms and what to submit to the WCB/WSIB.

Our Return to Work Program have been designed to provide you with the assistance in utilizing the appropriate tools and techniques to successfully manage after a workplace injuries and/or illnesses has happened. Our team have the skills to be able to minimize the impact of injuries for both the employee and organization through a proactive approach to Return to Work.


Workplace Inspection Program

Every organization is required to formally inspect the workplace for hazards on a periodic basis.  The inspection process must include elements contained within various codes and regulations specific to the type of work. Our workplace inspection program provides a site-specific inspection schedule and report that meets the regulatory requirements.

We make sure to communicate any deficiencies identified to the appropriate Management and Health and Safety representatives and document the process for your due diligence records.